Chelsea - Employee


They say life takes you to unexpected places, but love always brings you home. Thankfully, Kingston of Ashland is just that for me; Home. At 27 it took me a long time to find my niche in life. After some unforeseen events, and bouncing around in the career field I knew I wanted to be back working at a nursing home. I enjoyed the residents, the families, and knowing I could make an impact on someone’s life. Ending up at Kingston as a receptionist has truly been a blessing. From the moment I stepped foot in the building I felt welcomed. Working side by side with some amazing people felt more like family to me, all working towards the same common goal. I can honestly say that every day I look forward to going to work. The road may have been long, and rather bumpy at times, but I am truly overjoyed that it lead me to Kingston of Ashland.

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