Kristen - Employee


I always feel a sense of pride when I disclose where I work and what I do. People come to me with questions about the nursing field and the Kingston, and I never hesitate to talk highly of my place of employment. Not only do I love the work I do with the residents I have grown close with, but the people I work with. My coworkers are some of the sweetest and caring people I have come to know. From the compassionate nurses and CNAs to the detail-oriented kitchen staff to the friendly and cheery activity providers. Not only are my fellow caregivers wonderful to work with, but so are those who are not involved in direct care. All of the positives and negatives of the profession are handled with grace and a can-do attitude. Overall, I am extremely happy with what I do for the residents, and for Kingston. It is the most rewarding career I could ever have.

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