KCCS Caregivers are the Difference

Daughter of Patient -

We have been struggling with Mother and I want Kingston to know that Monique Truss is an amazing employee and caregiver. The day my Mother was admitted, she was in pain with a fractured pelvis. Monique helped me get her settled and comfortable. Since that day, Dorothy trusts her and loves her. When things are at their worst with Dorothy, everyone reaches out to Monique to help us get her to take her meds, eat, do therapy or just calm down.

Sometimes it takes a couple of hours, but she is always successful and gets it done. Monique should be recognized as a hero! She always goes above and beyond to make Dorothy feel comfortable and safe. At one point when Dorothy's paranoia was quite bad, I told Mother that Monique had a friend on the night shift that was watching out for her. That little comment allowed Dorothy to sleep at night. I want you to know that Monique loves her patients and her caring attitude is so appreciated by my family!

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