Vivian - Employee


In my career of working in activities I have worked in several facilities that do not support the Department like Kingston has. I look forward in coming to work knowing that the residents look forward to attending our structured programs. It is good environment as other departments, volunteers, family members whom encourage residents to attend. We have volunteers whom have been coming regularly for over 8 years and do it because they see how much activities keep them going. Kingston supports the volunteers with a wonderful luncheon every year. Kingston supports staff with on-going recognition as well as fun things to brighten staff day with employee communication events (turkey hunt, pumpkin bake off, ice cream truck) are just a few to thank the staff for all they do. I love the orientation for new staff. They come out having a better understanding of our policies and procedures and realize how important we value every department to be the best they can be. Would I market Kingston? Yes, and I do whenever I can. Especially when I can recruit volunteers to enhance our department. Thank you to Kingston for all you do not only for me as an individual but for all staff, family members, volunteers and of course our residents!

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