A Nurse's Caregiver Journey


"For some, there are pivotal moments in a lifetime that define someone's purpose. For others, there is a natural sense of purpose that guides them through the everyday. While there are many things that can be taught, caring is one of the few that is left to instinct. Being a caregiver comes from within, it is a trait that regardless of circumstance will always shine through. In a profession that is full of heart, how does one give back?

For me, the answer was education. As a staff development nurse with Kingston, I have the opportunity to shape the upcoming generations of caregivers to become their best selves. I have the ability to champion a profession that is one of the most profound journeys an individual could embark on. I work among a cohort that takes care of others in their most fragile moments. It’s in these moments that our caregivers most often become heroes. Heroes who can bring comfort with a few simple words or a gesture of compassion to a patient or their loved one. It’s an honor to give back to the those that have given so much to become a caregiver. Our career isn’t an easy one, but it is certainly one to be proud of." - Heather Plowman

Hear from another Kingston caregiver.


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