Organization Can Be a Source of Strength for Seniors

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Organization is a safety and mind strengthening technique. The very act of figuring out and establishing designated storage locations puts our mind to great use. But also, assigning homes to items such as keys and extension chords helps our minds utilize shortcuts that can reduce our stress and anxiety.

Being organized is more that just having things picked up. It can be a matter of safety as well.

Is your house overrun with extension cords? Wrap them with bread ties and use adhesive labels to write which electronics they belong to.

Rugs bunching up when you walk throughout your home? Apply masking tape to a piece of rubber and adhere it to the corners of the rug. As a reminder, its best to remove rugs and runners altogether if you begin using a walker, crutches or wheelchair.

Can’t read the expiration date on your food? Get in the habit of writing the date you purchased each item in black marker on all the labels.

Putting slippers or shoes beside your door not only saves time for looking for them, but also keeps them handy for unexpected trips to the bathroom or kitchen. I have a small tote next to my door just for shoes.

And lastly, if you need help, please ask a friend or family member or neighbor for assistance. Remember, safety first!

Anne Marie Thomas, Environmental Services Manager

Kingston Of Vermilion

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