Wellness Classes Offer Fun, Strength & Balance

Kingston Rehab of Perrysburg wellness programs are guided by passionate, highly trained instructors who specialize in water and land based classes.

Don't just take our word for it.

"50% of this class is how much fun we have together. This is what keeps everyone coming back to come exercise together."

- Donna B.

"My flexibility has improved immensely since taking the classes at Kingston. I can now stoop down and pick things up off the floor. Not only that, but the amount of laughter we have in this class also keeps me coming back."

- Barbara P.


"My favorite part of this class is the physical part. Since coming to class, I've noticed myself getting stronger and that I'm losing a little bit of my stomach. The greatest benefit of this class is how it keeps you going!"

- Paul D.

The wellness program at Kingston Rehab of Perrysburg offers multiple exercise classes to the community including pool classes, which are held in our heated therapy pool, and a variety of land based class options. Here are some examples of classes that you might find.

Water Aerobics: These classes range from moderate to high impact water resistant exercises. This class promotes muscular strength, balance, flexibility and improving cardiovascular fitness while having fun! Promote weight loss, muscle tone and have fun too.

Circuit Fitness: This type of class consists of body weight exercises, resistance exercises and light plyometrics designed to improve physical fitness. A variety of equipment is used to condition both the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. Modifications are of course given based on each participant's needs and abilities.

Strength and Balance: This type of land class includes exercises designed to improve muscular strength and balance. It will include both body weight exercises and exercises using bands, weights and exercise balls to add difficulty. Modifications will be given based on participants needs and abilities.

Tai Chi: Tai chi is meditation in motion. This low impact exercise puts minimal stress on joints and muscles and presents many health benefits including: decreased stress, improved aerobic capacity and stamina, improved flexibility, balance, and muscle strength. This program was designed by a team of Tai Chi and medical experts.

Delay the Disease: This fitness program is designed to empower people with Parkinson's Disease to delay the progression of symptoms associated with Parkinson's through a comprehensive exercise program. This class can help with cognitive impairment, motor skills, balance, vocal strength, coordination, and memory. We can accommodate individuals with low level to high level disease severity.

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